Friday, March 29, 2013

2013 Artist-in-Residence Fruitlands Museum

I'm honored to officially announce that I will be the 2013 Artist-in-Residence at Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA. Opening day for the Fruitlands campus is April 15 and we've been busy planning HIVE meetings, public collaborative installations, museum exhibitions and more.

This has already been a rewarding experience and I look forward to the next months spending time with the museum membership and making art on the spectacular grounds. There's incredible depth to what the museum has to offer so please make sure to visit - let me know and I'll look out for you.

We have a schedule for HIVE gatherings for the next few months below. It is installed in the Wayside Building with IMPRINT and that's where we'll be working together.

HIVE schedule:
April 16 and 18  -  1-3pm
May 16   -   2-4pm
June 5   -   1:30-3:30pm
June 13   -   4-6pm
July 11 and 25   -   3-5pm

In addition to the collaborative projects, outdoor installations and workshops, I will be exhibiting at the Art Museum. My show, The Nobility of Things, will be in the main gallery from June 29-August 18 with a reception on June 29 from 1-3pm.

This is only the beginning and we'll be adding more events as we get into the season... so check in often!

Photo: Sun setting last week after I finished installing Imprint. What a treat.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Math Problem

Over breakfast today while pondering how to get the large ball down the stairs before it was too heavy to manage - Wayne and I were trying to speculate how heavy it will ultimately be.

So here's the problem:
Today the ball is 20.5 inches in diameter and weighs 40.8 pounds. Assuming consistent density of material, how much will it weigh when the diameter measures 32 inches?

Please email me your solutions. 

A winner will be drawn from all the correct answers for a special surprise.

Friday, March 22, 2013

And it keeps on growing...

 20 inches diameter 
37.8 pounds or 605 ounces or 17,161 grams
roughly 172 skeins

Adjusted my goal to 32 inches diameter instead of 34 because that is the width of the doors to the exhibit hall at the Fruitlands Art Museum where this baby will be installed this June-August.

Need to move it to the studio while we can still lift it. At the studio I have access to dollies and a freight elevator for when it becomes too big to manage otherwise.

Click here and here to read what this is about.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

28.2 pounds

As of end of day Tuesday -
19 inches in diameter. 28.2 pounds, or 12,802.8 grams which roughly equals 128 skeins.

Top layer is a color named 'Creme de Menthe' by Brunswick circa 1970, 80% cotton/20% polyester mix. Below are some other color iterations that developed over the course of the day.

Click here to read what this is about. 


Monday, March 18, 2013

A Room of Our Own

Eleven artists with different levels of experience and styles of artmaking come together to receive and provide support in navigating the marketing and business issues of being a sustainable artist.

March 28 - May 5, 2013

Curated by Merill Comeau
 With artists: Adria Arch, Brenda Cirioni, Jodi Colella, Merill Comeau, Catherine Evans, Anne Krinsky, Ilana Manolson, Margo Stage, Kathleen Volp, Martha Wakefield, Jeanne Williamson

March 28, 6-8:00pm Opening reception
Artists' talk at 7:00pm

April 11, 7:00pm Panel Discussion
The Experience of a Coaching Group for Artists

This exhibition is funded in part by the generosity of the Thompson family in loving memory of Dorothy Thompson.

37 Lexington Road, Concord MA 01742
Hours: Tue-Sat 10-4:30pm, Sun 12noon-4:00pm

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Center of the Universe

Finding my mom's yarn stash in every corner of the house. She moved there over 37 years ago so this collection of yarn is leftover from finished projects, or unfinished projects or just plain forgotten about from the mid 1970's to the present. It's fun to sift through the boxes and revisit the trends in color and fiber where pastel acrylics, sparkly novelties and earth toned silks all take a place in the timeline of her purchases. 

In my attempt to comprehend the immensity of the volume of material - and to embrace what was hers - I've decided to wind each skein, one on top of another, into one large singular ball.

As it grows to something that currently weighs over 15 pounds it possesses a gravitational pull that draws you in. The layers blend and change by the minute with each new application of color. The action of winding around the sphere feels uncannily like I'm orbiting around a sun or other celestial body.

I plan to continue until it measures 34 in. in diameter (the width of my front door) or until I run out of yarn - which ever comes first. Tonight the ball has consumed two large boxes worth of yarn, measures 15 inches in diameter and weighs 15.4 pounds. This roughly translates to 246 ounces or 6,991 grams or 69.9 skeins.

I've barely made a dent in the supply.

Friday, March 8, 2013


It's one o'clock and I'm officially home for a week. Have been catching up with emails, errands, proposals and sleep. Next week back to teaching and other obligations. It's going to take a while to feel like I'm really back but that's okay, I hope to be drawing from the spirit of VSC for quite some time.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated by sending me materials for Divestments. Here are some pix what I received while in Vermont - as mentioned before - I was the envy of many to be the recipient of so much mail. Thanks!



Lots of events, classes and exhibits are on the horizon. Please stay tuned while I organize my calendar!