Thursday, August 23, 2018

Sampled Lives

These found postcards with notes exposed to the public on the back reveal the exchanges between individuals and the minutia of their lives. There’s an abundance of talk about the weather, plus snippets of personal details tucked into the small spaces on the cards and the trivial formalities of the format.

My husband and I have made a hobby of reading these and sometimes even piecing together loose biographies. The photographic images document place and the notes expose information ranging from the tenor of a relationship to the details of a train schedule. A voyeurism that satisfies my compulsion to eavesdrop on other peoples' lives.

Postcards measure 4x6 in. inside 7x9 in. frames.
Embroidery, found postcards, assorted threads - 2018

I’ve been cataloging snippets as non sequitur statements and embroidering them onto the postcards as “Samplers”, to illuminate quirky characterizations and situations with a tongue in cheek sense of humor.

The embroidery brings to mind early samplers where writings of moral and religious platitudes were used to educate character while learning to stitch. The postcards mostly date from early to late 20th century and yet the sentiments mirror many of the issues of today.

A collection of 28 are one their way to form + concept in Santa Fe for their upcoming exhibition Hand/Eye.

Ten artists from across the United States shatter convention by applying craft media to photography–and vice versa. Hand/Eye presents images with the texture and volume of sculptures, vaulting a medium that's often trapped behind glass into the viewer's sphere.

"Call it super-alternative process photography." say form + concept Gallery Director and Hand/Eye curator Frank Rose.

Look here to view the impressive array of works in this show!

Hand / Eye 

Applications of craft media to photography and vice versa

October 26 - December 31, 2018
Opening reception: Friday, October 26, 5-7 pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, October 27, 2-3 pm