Monday, May 26, 2014


In Little Italy at one of the many festivals happening this weekend. A vendor who made magnets in the image of  all imaginable fruits and vegetables... so much choice it's paralyzing... a topic for another post.

What impresses me is the scale of it all – nothing new – a well known fact about New York City. The multitudes of exotic fish, vegetables, fruit, herbs, teas, and other commodities in the street markets is boggling. The confusing multipronged subway map is numbing. The throngs out and about on the streets and in the restaurants can be both invigorating and claustrophobic. The buildings are bigger, the lights are brighter, the buzz is louder. There are so many levels of so many things happening at so many locations and all at the same time that it seems miraculous it works so harmoniously and doesn't collide to a screeching halt.

Friday, May 9, 2014

HIVE at Inside/Out

Last Wednesday we installed HIVE in the windows of the INSIDE/OUT Gallery in Davis Square, Somerville. I love the idea of this public access exhibition space. Just like the name implies, one doesn't need to enter the walls of a formal space to view work because the art is brought to the public. With exhibits rotating monthly, people get to encounter a variety of the local Somerville talent as part of their daily routine.

HIVE will be up until June 3 or 4. I've already witnessed several parties slowing down to see what HIVE is about and to view the video featuring the making of, and all the individuals who are integral to the HIVE experience.

Thanks to Heather Balchunas and the Somerville Arts Council for this very fun opportunity to share a community work with my community.

I'm enjoying being able to drive by at odd hours and find it all ablaze.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Art Exchange

I'm honored to belong to a Coaching Group that meets monthly. We are ten professional artists  working hard to find our place in the industry. We spend hours researching, sharing and discovering all sorts of areas of business practice. Our disciplines vary from painting, to fiber, to sculpture, to collage etc.,  but we all are passionate about and dedicated to what we make.

Tonight's meeting will be an art exchange. We created at least 9, 8x8 pieces of work, each of which will be exchanged for an artwork from each of the other group members. In the end we'll have a collection that we can hang together or separately to represent our array of talents.

These are details from some of the pieces I'll be trading tonight. They are encaustic relief images of ordinary objects that are treated with bronze paint, patina and more wax. I had a blast creating these and can't wait to see how they hang with everyone else's.