Friday, May 9, 2014

HIVE at Inside/Out

Last Wednesday we installed HIVE in the windows of the INSIDE/OUT Gallery in Davis Square, Somerville. I love the idea of this public access exhibition space. Just like the name implies, one doesn't need to enter the walls of a formal space to view work because the art is brought to the public. With exhibits rotating monthly, people get to encounter a variety of the local Somerville talent as part of their daily routine.

HIVE will be up until June 3 or 4. I've already witnessed several parties slowing down to see what HIVE is about and to view the video featuring the making of, and all the individuals who are integral to the HIVE experience.

Thanks to Heather Balchunas and the Somerville Arts Council for this very fun opportunity to share a community work with my community.

I'm enjoying being able to drive by at odd hours and find it all ablaze.

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