Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Art Exchange

I'm honored to belong to a Coaching Group that meets monthly. We are ten professional artists  working hard to find our place in the industry. We spend hours researching, sharing and discovering all sorts of areas of business practice. Our disciplines vary from painting, to fiber, to sculpture, to collage etc.,  but we all are passionate about and dedicated to what we make.

Tonight's meeting will be an art exchange. We created at least 9, 8x8 pieces of work, each of which will be exchanged for an artwork from each of the other group members. In the end we'll have a collection that we can hang together or separately to represent our array of talents.

These are details from some of the pieces I'll be trading tonight. They are encaustic relief images of ordinary objects that are treated with bronze paint, patina and more wax. I had a blast creating these and can't wait to see how they hang with everyone else's.

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