Monday, July 15, 2013

Noble Offerings

Very pleased with the activity around the interactive board at THE NOBILITY OF THINGS exhibition at Fruitlands Museum. There are so many offerings we are often cleaning up and making more space! To understand more about this, please read the call for participation that is reprinted below.

If you haven't visited the show yet, or are planning another visit, please read the description so you can plan your own personal offering beforehand!

We are interested in YOUR things too.

Please leave an object on the wall that you’d like us all to take a closer look at.

It can be a twig or pinecone found while
walking the trails here at Fruitlands.

It can be something in your pockets,
in the car or tucked away at home for you to
bring in on your next visit.

Or you can sketch one of your favorite
objects from the exhibit.

Please pin on the wall. Use the tags to label
any pertinent information and feel free to use
the game cards for fun.

Donated items will be incorporated
into future sculptures and possibly even
bronzed for posterity!

Fruitlands Museum
June 29-August 18, 2013

Gallery open: M, W & F 10a-4p
Thursdays during concert season until 7 p
Sat, Sun 10a-5p
closed Tuesdays

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