Tuesday, November 26, 2013

65 degrees

I'm honored to be a participant of this encaustic show at Nave Gallery Annex in Davis Square. I am in amazing company with 19 other wonderful encaustic artists.

This show enabled me to expand on the INDEX installation. The curator, Leika Akiyama, asked if INDEX was available and when it wasn't we set to task on a smaller adaptation.

INDEX is currently installed at Wheaton College in the show THE ORDER OF THE UNIVERSE. It consists of 198 objects and encaustic tiles arranged in a formal grid and numbered to correspond to a library card catalog. The installation planned for 65˙ will have 80-100 additional objects and encaustic tiles that will pick up and continue from number 199. They will also be arranged in a grid and have corresponding cards in a small file box. The name of this installation will be APPENDIX

INDEX at Wheaton College, The Order of the Universe

Both APPENDIX and INDEX are arrays of everyday items loaded with accumulated experiences and associations. Arranged in a grid, there's a level of seriousness and order, with chronologically numbered panels and a corresponding card catalog of definitions. These same panels are paired with random phrases from a Victorian word game, placed to puzzle us and throw all meanings into flux - the actual, the perceived and the ridiculous - they reconfigure context and set the stage for new relationships.

I'm looking forward to this exhibition and reception. The installation will be unique to this very intimate space. It's always great to meet new artists and view beautiful art. Here there will be opportunities for all of the above.

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