Monday, September 8, 2014

New Work


Aluminum foil tape wrapped around certain tree trunks and branches on the bank of the pond. The effect transforms the natural bark to a shiny seductive surface, catching the eye as one turns the bend in the path. It's an unexpected, flashy and lyrical menagerie.

The artificial silver reflects the nearby foliage resulting in a manufactured green projecting back onto the trees. Some of the trunks are left natural with bark and lichen growth in tact, creating a setting where two types of beauty coexist in rival with each other. The metal suggests artificiality but with closer inspection you see that there are live leaves sprouting from the tips of the branches, playing with perception, material and meaning.


If you continue on the path from Mirror Mirror around the bend and take a left up a hill, you'll approach another work in this series. This one is a found tree trunk wrapped with a metallic gold mylar tape.

Instead of live trees that are marked for removal, this is a fallen log found as is and positioned in the split of another tree. A surprisingly aggressive gesture. 

The metallic gold reflects and shines a light through the clearing to the meadow below, looking ostentatious, like a figure of conspicuous consumption.

These are experimental studies and were made possible by the generosity of Linda Hoffman of Old Frog Pond Farm & Studio. Linda is a sculptor and farmer. She has a studio on her farm where she creates beautiful sculptures out of tree trunks, wax and bronze. She grows organic apples, vegetables and raspberries and hosts a Sculpture Walk each year with a rich array of programming. 

I plan to be at the reception and look forward to meeting the 20 other artists and touring their work.

Harvard MA
Weekends September 6-October 5
Reception September 21, 1-5pm
Click here to view the eclectic events scheduled for this show.

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