Friday, October 28, 2011


Working on the live 'Marrow' installation for the Stonehill College show 'Stitched: Nature Constructed'. The process for this artwork is unique to my others. My usual practice is to follow the lead of the material with my intuition as a copilot, without a predetermined image in mind. With this piece I have particular intentions for the outcome, requiring that I put different materials to the test.

For instance, which materials communicate with the change in scale? Not necessarily the same materials as with the smaller pieces. Also, this tree is live, not a petrified driftwood castoff with existing nooks and crannies to punch into. This shifts the concept to relating to life more than decay bringing up questions of message, shape and color.

My studio, or laboratory, is turned upside down with all the experiments. Looking forward to the research coming together next week when we install. Still a mystery as to the final outcome... embracing my role as copilot after all.

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  1. love seeing the process and reading the process
    Jane M.J.