Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hi Ho

Today I'll be working with with some employees of MEDITECH in Framingham as part of their Art Liaison Program. The plan for this workshop is all about wrapping found objects to explore the form. Participants will be bringing in small objects no larger than the palm of their hands and we will explore materials and methods to transform these everyday objects into bound works of art.

I love the idea of this creative outlet as described here in the post for employees:
Remember, no prior artistic knowledge or expertise is required for participation in any of the Art Liaison sponsored events.  Our mission is to provide a relaxing and FUN atmosphere for anybody who would like to step out of their logical, goal-oriented work persona and into their intuitive, creative, free-thinking zone.  So please join us, enjoy lunch from Rita's Catering, and "unwind" as you bind!

I can't wait to see the creativity that happens... I always gain so much from the interactions in workshops - seeing how others see things for themselves.

And there are so many artists to reference for this activity too... here are some of my favorites...

Two poignant sculptures by Judith Scott

Christo and Jean Claude's 'Wrapped Kunstalle' (above) and 'Wrapped Monument to Leonardo da Vinci', Piazza della Scala, Milano, Italy, 1970  (below)

Andy Goldsworthy, 'Rock Covered with Poppy Petals'
A bit of stretch here with the wrapping definition but can't resist mentioning... so perfect in material and execution.

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