Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ages and Stages

Happy to announce an exhibit I'll be participating in with Teresa Paschke. Teresa and I keep crossing paths. We exhibited together in several shows including GREEN: A Color and a Cause at the Textile Museum, Washington D.C. in 2011; and Outside/Inside the Box at the Crane Art Center, FiberPhiladelphia 2012. I love her work combining digital imagery with simple stitching and am honored to be invited to show with her this September. Included from my work are BLAST and several pieces from the MARROW series.

Please take a look for yourself if you happen to be in Minneapolis this fall. The Textile Center is a national center for quality fiberart, exhibitions and education - well worth the trip!


  1. Gotta love those Minneapolitans - they have good taste!

  2. Thanks James and Kathleen! Minneapolis is a great city for art. The last SDA conference was held there and they opened up for us.