Friday, August 24, 2012

Huffpost Studio View

The Huffington Post 

I am thrilled to be featured in a HUFFINGTON POST ARTS & CULTURE article by Hilary Harkness in her new art blog.

Hilary and I met at a Somerville Arts event in July, 2011 where we became acquainted with each other's work. With STUDIO VIEWS, Hilary provides an insider's look at the process and spaces of various artists on a typical day - no cleaning up, or dressing up - the real deal. This video happened during a heat wave and we needed to turn off all background noise including AC and fans. It was created in one shot, about 15 minutes, and then Hilary edited it down.

I love how Hilary captured me in my work environment, and it was fun to talk with such an engaging and insightful interviewer. 

Thank you, Hilary! Looking forward to more of your STUDIO VIEWS in the future.