Friday, October 5, 2012

Stitched Stories

A short documentary exploring the power of needlecraft to provoke social change.

I was introduced to this video by a fiber artist friend's blog and was moved by the communities represented - a young craftivism organizer and a prison inmate. Each seeking to find a nonaggressive and thoughtful approach to making their contribution to the world.

Some of my favorite quotes from the movie:

"Anyone can join, it's not a high brow craft. There's a common ground of making and camaraderie between people of different backgrounds."

"When you're making it, you have to reflect on it which in this day in age life is so busy it's really important for people to have time to reflect on the issues, to make a connection."

"You get so involved in what you're doing you block out everything else and you forget your problems and you just focus on that one thing."

"Helps pass the time, helps me to escape what I'm going through."

This movie adds to some recent ideas I've been pondering with my own work - about how makers leave behind artifiacts that provide the windows for history - how we learn about the culture and values of societies by studying what they create.

For more info and photos about the craftivist movement check out this article.

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