Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Exhaling and Cupcakes

Catching up on many levels this week and it hasn't been without its drama. Packages of artwork lost on UPS trucks in the middle of the storm, galleries losing power for two days, transportation issues etc. Nevertheless my solo show at Regis College, Re:Constructed, is finally coming together - and beautifully.

It's been a methodical process to figure out the space, the hanging, the lights etc. Steven Hall has been invaluable in making this one of the better experiences I've ever had installing a show. He possesses a keen eye for design and knows how to handle any problem with grace. I'm very much looking forward to the reception on Friday, Nov. 16 from 5:30-8pm.

Tomorrow, I'm on my way to Toronto to attend several receptions for the World of Threads Festival. Four of my pieces are participating in two of the many shows that have been organized. A massive international event and I can't wait to take it all in. Check here and here to view the two shows I will be participating in with One Day, What Looks Like An Elephant, Marrow and Receptor.

The only unfortunate aspect of being in Toronto this weekend is that I'm going to miss the reception for Threads Bared, a fiber exhibition at Nave Gallery in Somerville. But I will most definitely make it to the Cupcake Reception on Nov. 17 which is part of the Wrap Around Project for the Somerville Homeless Coalition. Tori Costa is the generous and energetic organizer of these fundraising events along with the twice monthly knitting groups that work all year long to generate items for the sale each November.


  1. Busy woman! Wish I could have connected when you are were in Toronto...I have work in WOT,also but did not make it up...maybe next time I am in Mass.

  2. Hi Andrea.. would love to meet you. Which exhibition is your work in at WOT? Would love to see it in person.. I've already been admiring it on Facebook.