Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cell Signalling Technologies

Last Saturday I installed some work at Cell Signalling Technologies in Danvers. As a strong supporter of the arts, CST has an in-house art gallery where they display the work of two regional artists for 6-week periods on a rotating basis. I am exhibiting Feb. 1- March 28, 2014 with the photographer Estelle Disch.

As the facilitator and installer, Debra Olin helped me to get it all up. Since my work isn't the easiest or the fastest to install, we spent most of the day working on it.

The results are fantastic. The organic nature of the work is a good fit for a biotech company. The generous space and track lighting add the necessary dimension. Thanks to Debra, Carol and CST for this opportunity to exhibit. Looking forward to meeting everyone at the reception!

 Undercurrent shines. It's the first thing you see when entering office area from the foyer.

This version of Imprint is arranged using about a third of the tiles. A modular artwork that has the benefit of being easily adaptable to any space. 

An arm from Carnivale peeks out from the wrappers while waiting its turn.

Happy to have this long hallway between office areas to show off my photograph series Token Affections.

One Day is occupying its own cozy corner in reception.

We were so busy, I neglected to photograph Estelle's install. Her photographs are beautiful and colorful and you can see them here.

Cell Signalling Technologies
Feb. 1-March 28, 2014
Reception Feb. 20, 4-6pm

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