Thursday, February 6, 2014


I am curating a show for the Nave Gallery Annex in Davis Square Somerville. This space is quirky and intimate - a real gem with generous art spirit and support from the community.

This is a wonderful opportunity as well as a total indulgence. I get to think about what interests me and then engage in conversations about it with some pretty amazing artists. It is thrilling that everyone invited is able to participate, bringing their own special coolness to the project.

The show is called Practice and it is about making - the material, process, craft and commitment behind all genres of creation.

"PRACTICE explores artwork inspired by craft, and features highly skilled, process-oriented and conceptual works that require a high degree of proficiency and commitment - including drawing, photography, felting, installation, sculpture, performance, bookmaking and storytelling."

Wednesday, March 12; 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
Nave Gallery Annex, 53 Chester St, Somerville, MA

Caleb ColeJodi Colella, Julie Kumar, Stephanie Metz, Amanda Nelsen, Zsusanna Szegedi, Hannah Verlin

I will be posting sneak peeks in the weeks leading up to the opening. Stay tuned!

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