Friday, April 29, 2016


The process is something like that which takes place
in the kaleidoscope.
The kaleidoscope, as you know, has little pieces of colored glass in it, and when these are viewed through a prism they reveal all sorts of geometrical designs.
Every turn of its crank shifts these bits of glass into a new relationship and reveals a new pattern.
The mathematical possibilities of such new combinations
in the kaleidoscope are enormous, and the greater
the number of pieces of glass in it the greater become the possibilities for new and striking combinations.

This very apt metaphor, the kaleidoscope, captures our process as curious artists seeking inspiration. 

Allowing ourselves opportunities for collaboration, reflection and time away from our routines
is a necessary ingredient to taking care of ourselves as people and as makers.

Providing space for experimentation and exposing ourselves to new practices expands
our expressions for future investigations and the making of meaningful art.

Engaging with peers in a safe, nurturing and creative space allows us to let go, to fall into
the beautiful unknown of creativity.

I invite you to honor yourself by joining us in Gloucester this summer as we commune
with nature and art and community. 

Stitching Nature
A FiberLAB Summer Retreat in Gloucester

August 15-19, 2016

Take advantage of the Early Bird Registration Discount until May 1!!
To register, scroll down Paypal link in the sidebar to the right of this blog.

click here and here for more info 

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