Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I took some time off today and went to Lanesville for a personal tour of Dogtown with my friend Adria Arch and her cousins Richard and Jane. What a beautiful meandering path through the woods and around several quarries. Vegetation is just beginning to spring and I'm looking forward to the bounty that will be here when we hike in August during the 2016 Summer Retreat: Stitching Nature.

Inspiration and pattern underfoot.
Check out the spectacular color of the quarry water and the reflections of the trees.

A great source of fiber! 

A dreamy meditative place to get lost in.

Pattern and texture everywhere you look.

Adria and I are each offering workshops this summer at Lanesville Community Center. 
We're enjoying exploring all the sites together. 

Next trip... We'll be scoping out the fantastic beaches in the area.
In the meantime I'm busy collecting travel maps and guides for Cape Ann activities, restaurants, cultural districts.
Anyone interested in a massage?

Contact me for more info.

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