Thursday, June 14, 2012


On the gloomiest of all days I had the pleasure of going to the South Coast Facility of MEDITECH in Fall River. MEDITECH is inspirational in its approach to the quality of its workplaces. An enormous amount of positive energy and thought is put into the architecture and visual art of each building. Further, they believe in supporting local emerging artists! I hate to seem like I'm gushing but here's just a sample of what I saw on the tour yesterday. It was like visiting a museum or high end art gallery.... Have fun looking... I did!


Above is art commissioned for the open stairwell space.
Below is the cafeteria... an original art was scanned and converted to wall vinyl for installation.
The back side of all floors is floor-to-ceiling windows for all to take in the beautiful views of the lake.

Above is a detail of a Michelle Samour installation!

Every space is considered...above is the hallway in operations behind the cafeteria.

Very fun works too.
 Below is one of a series of portraits inspired by old yearbook photos. They appear on the stairwell landings of each floor. We had fun deciding who they reminded us of... for instance below could be my brother-in-law :).

And even some wonderful student work...

The reason for my visit was to facilitate a workshop for the Art Liaison Program... read more about it here. A very enthusiastic group brimming with ideas. Always a good time.


  1. Very cool, Jodi! Bravo to MediTech for supporting local artists. The mural is by Barbara Moody.

  2. Yes it is! The painted panels installed in the reception area...the first photo... are also Barbara Moody.