Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nothing In My Mind

Finally...  some relief from the string of events that I've been working towards for the past year... it feels nice. I've been reading and thinking and cooking and catching up with family and friends.

Today I had a lesson in art history from a friend over lunch. This evening I'm reading materials that I've been collecting and waiting to delve into. Tomorrow I'll be at MEDITECH teaching, and then gallery sitting at NKG.... nice.

I came across Lu Shegzhong, a contemporary Chinese papercutting artist. Using a slow, repetitive, meditative folk tradition he cuts paper into large conceptual art installations.

Once he asked a peasant woman what she was thinking about when she was papercutting, "Nothing", she said, "there is really nothing in my mind".

According to Shegzhong, the process is rudimentary and spontaneous and what he does is merely release part of himself into an essential visual form.

I know exactly what he means.

Looking forward to HIVE on Thursday.... and to have nothing in my mind.

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