Monday, June 11, 2012

Gallery Buzz

I've been hanging around NK Gallery lately with both gallery sitting and HIVE meetups. Last Friday we had the pleasure of meeting Barbara's son Chris, an MIT post-doc. He joined us and instantly eased into the conversations and activities. We had some visitors to our shows too. In the background is one of Erica Licea-Kane's pieces... her show is very compelling and worth a trip in if you can make it before June 22.

My show, PHYLA, is in Gallery II. I'll be at the gallery this Wednesday from 3-6 and Thursday from 11-noon.  On Wed. we'll be open for APT's Martini & Masterpieces fundraising event and gallery tour... stop in if you can!

Check out this photo of a fly trapped within the world of Undercurrent... You may remember an earlier post with a fly that was trapped in HIVE... I'd like to think that the transformation of material is so dramatic that not even a fly can recognize it at first glance :).

This week we have a HIVE meeting on Thursday, June 14, in Wellesley... contact me for details if you're interested in joining us.

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