Monday, July 16, 2012

Cosmic Boogaloo

Check out the ingenuity that went into the creation of the "Cosmic Boogaloo". I've seen a young man riding this around the city. When I look at his things I wonder about who he is and what he does. Like why the wheelbarrow? Can you see the shopping cart? The crutch? Does he use these in his daily life? Is the wood structure an armature for future items to be attached to? Or just an aesthetic? 

As different as it seems, it's traditional. The black milk crate up front references the old fashioned bike basket for instance. There's symmetry to the design with wheels placed for balance rather than purpose. And also practical, notice how items are privately stored under the tarp in the back trailer. Tucked away from public eyes as if in a private domicile. 

It functions as a vehicle and storage unit at the same time. Is this an act of expression or of utility?  I sense domesticity and order. Like the name suggests - a system of seemingly disparate parts that together work as a functioning whole.

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