Friday, July 13, 2012

Weathered Report

Yesterday I visited Cushing-Martin Gallery at Stonehill College to photograph the state of my outdoor fiber sculpture Mushroomed. Mushroomed was installed late October 2011 for the show Stitched: Nature Constructed. It has tolerated a mild winter with a little snow cover, a very wet spring, and a summer with some very windy thunder storms, strong downpours and northeast winds. Yesterday, however, it was glowing in the warmth of a sunny July day. 

It was striking how the aura of colors changes with the seasons. In the fall and winter, the monotone starkness of the leafless trees and crisp skies emphasize the unnatural colors of the sculpture. In the summer under the shade of a Maple in full bloom, everything had a softness to it. Some of the change in contrast may be due to a little fading of color of the wool and painted surfaces but when you look up close... the color was still strong, just lit through the filter of a strong green canopy.

Color still strong.

The wispy soft textures are most vulnerable to the weather... I'm loving the worn-in look with the surface showing a nice patina... so I left it alone.

 Another area where I found the natural settling to be beautiful. I love how the pieces appear nestled in the organic matter at the base of the tree trunk.

 From a distance the installation is overpowered by the bright light and green canopy of the tree in full bloom....

 ....As compared to this shot taken in December in different light and no leaves.

The installation will be up for a while. The gallery has graciously requested that it stay long after its exhibition and I am grateful for the opportunity to watch it evolve. If you're interested in seeing it for yourself... check it out at the front entryway of the Cushing-Martin Gallery at Stonehill College. It should be up at least through the summer and maybe into the fall... making it a full cycle.

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