Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Read

What a luxury and privilege to be able to take time to read. I'm currently infatuated with the writing of Jonah Lehrer and his book PROUST WAS A NEUROSCIENTIST. As a scientist, Lehrer makes connections between two cultures - art and science - presenting a few artists as the original thinkers of some contemporary scientific principles. I'm in the process of absorbing what I've read so far but here are a few quips from his prelude, and though taken out of context, they strongly resonate with me:

- The truth seemed to slowly accumulate, like dust.
- It is ironic but true; the one reality science cannot reduce is the only reality we will ever know.
- Like a work of art, we exceed our materials.

Still pondering Walt Whitman and his prescient notion that our body and soul are emulsified into each other.... and George Elliot's refusal to limit her own transformations as compared to the human genome project. Next up, Escoffier, his veal stock and the essence of taste... yum!

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