Thursday, January 31, 2013

HIVE, the movie

A quick post just to share the final cuts of two videos that I've been working on with super talented Chris LeGare. Chris and his biz partner Corey have been helping to document both Re:Constructed at Regis College and the HIVE project.

HIVE in its material form has been a launching point for two other bodies of work IMPRINT and TRACES. Now it embodies yet another medium.

Here are two videos so far - both having to do with HIVE. One is a teaser... something that I'll use very much like a video postcard. Please click here if below isn't cooperating.


And the other is a more comprehensive overview with audio exposition, great images and animation. Or click here.

So excited to have this and can't wait to see the final video about Re:Constructed... Chris tells me that it's about to launch - like next week!

For more HIVE, visit the Danforth Museum of Art today from 4-6pm. I'll be there facilitating another HIVE gathering. The museum is open for free tonight, Thursday Jan. 31, a great opportunity to view all the other exhibits including my collaboration with the teen docents.

A very special thank you to all who have participated and contributed themselves to the fabric of this project.

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