Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Special Project at Danforth Museum

In conjunction with the HIVE installation at the Danforth Museum, I've also been working on another collaborative project with the Teen Docents. The materials are the same, screen and wire, but the mission is different - a composition inspired by the cellular world - similar to another screen artwork of mine called UNDERCURRENT (2008).

We are meeting each Sunday in January with the goal of laying the foundation for two 4x5 ft compositions. In the first meeting, they were introduced to the properties of screen and steel wire and asked to innovate their own organic expressions.

As much experience as I have working with this material, there's always something new to learn - especially when viewing it through the eyes (and hands) of others. I provided photographic images of biological forms as reference and for inspiration. Their results are magical transformations of material into expressive shapes and shadows.

After only two meetings we've almost completed the first design and are ready to launch into the second. 

We don't expect to finish in January. There are hours of details to be considered and that requires more time than we have in our short month together. The foundation, however, will be solid enough to guide me in the completion of their vision.

 Stay tuned! We'll be posting weekly updates of our progress.


  1. Bravo, Jodi! So great to see these images and Chris's video!

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