Saturday, March 3, 2012

Doing Time/Depth of Surface

During the summer of 2011 two Spanish Artists, Patricia Gomez and Maria Jesus Gonzalez, attended a residency at Philagrafika in Philadelphia. They are radical printmakers and worked at Holmesburg Prison applying their inventive 'strappo' techniques to take imprints of the walls of the cells. Strappo is a process where a piece of fabric is applied to the surface of a wall to peel away the outer layers... Becoming a sort of monoprint.
I love how they've embodied a time, place and narrative in a very real and material way. Pushing and adapting traditional technique to new heights of impact and expression. Here's how they talk about it...
"We are interested in capturing the effects of time or of the people on the walls of a place that is disappearing, and it is almost magical how a space is recorded, as it were, on a soft surface like fabric or paper, and with this change of support, from wall to fabric, the resulting print becomes, almost inevitably, a physical archive of the place."

Here's a link to learn more about their project at Holmesburg Prison.
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Location:The Galleries at Moore College of Art and Design

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