Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Full STEAM Ahead

I will be the Artist-In-Residence at the Linden School in Malden as part of their new Innovation initiative to include the arts in their curriculum. I will be the auxiliary consultant of an arts program where the students will be engaged in a project based approach to learning; working with the teachers and students regularly on a installation combining the arts and sciences curriculum.

On February 15 Governor Deval Patrick visited the Linden School in Malden where he announced a grant to help convert the school to an innovation model. Innovation schools were created by the state's 2010 education reform law, and allow existing districts more autonomy in redesigning a school curriculum while keeping the funding in the district. With the help of this grant the Linden School will become a STEAM Academy, which will add focus on the arts to the core science, technology, engineering, and mathermatics curricula known as STEM subjects.

Check out the press release and scroll down to see the mention of yours truly! I'm looking forward to working with the Linden School community of students and educators.

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