Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meditech Art Liaison Program

I will be teaching a series of workshops at MEDITECH for their Art Liaison Program beginning May 10 in Framingham and June 13 in Fall River. Please read their statement below to see what a progressive and beneficial program that MEDITECH is creating for its employees!

"MEDITECH has a long history of interest in and support
of local artisans, and this involvement extends to their own staff
in the form of an Art Liaison program.  Our mission is to promote
creative thinking through the on-going display of, and interaction
with, art.  We aim to foster an atmosphere of tolerance that
encourages the exchange of new ideas, stimulates the senses, and
inspires innovation allowing everyone at MEDITECH to reach their
full creative potential.

In this spirit, we sometimes host workshops within the company
hosted by professional artists.  These workshops are a wonderful
way to bring some of the artwork on display in our buildings "to life".
They offer an incredible opportunity for employees to connect with
art in a hands-on way, which helps them transition from their
logical, work-oriented minds into their intuitive bodies where
creativity and new information live. As the hosting artist, you
would guide them through the fundamentals of working with the
materials you use in your own work, but the emphasis would be
focusing on the fun and playful process of working with the
material, rather than on the right or wrong way to produce a
finished product.  In fact, our mantra is pretty much that "there is
no right or wrong" when staff are at these workshops! "

Our first meetings will involve the art of wrapping items to both mask and celebrate the form. This will be an exercise about seeing objects from a new perspective and exploring all sorts of materials  in the process. I am so impressed with MEDITECH and how they appreciate the arts; both by supporting local artists, and by practicing its themes to enhance the quality of worklife for its employees.

Needless to say... I'm very excited to get going!


  1. Sounds fabulous, and just the way you teach wherever you are! Great company, great teacher. Everyone will have fun.

  2. Thanks Amy! Have been following your work... love what you'll be showing at the Danforth.. congrats!