Monday, April 16, 2012


Friday we had another HIVE meeting. This time at NK Gallery in SOWA District, Boston. An afternoon of working, art talk, politics, food tips and in a setting of two inspiring art exhibitions. Natacha made us a 4-egg cake with eggs from her chickens in NH. Nancy read aloud The Phantom Tollbooth.  It was intriguing to listen to the wit of Tock, the Whether Man and especially the Lethargians as we passed the afternoon. The perfect situation to experience a story that elaborates on the small things, especially as we're focusing on building the small units of HIVE.

Thanks to Natacha for hosting at NKG, and to Barbara Lucas, Rebekah Gardiner, Nancy Moskin and Soosen Dunholter for attending. We will be meeting regularly at NKG, each Friday at noon except for First Fridays of the month.

All are welcome to join us in a low-risk, high-return pause in the busy schedule. It will be worth the trip!

Next meeting:
Noon, Friday, April 20
NK Gallery
450 Harrison Ave

I've printed up HIVE cards and am awaiting their delivery from the printer. See below... please feel free to use, especially if inviting friends to join us!

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