Thursday, April 12, 2012


A BIG thank you to Rebekah for hosting our HIVE meeting yesterday. We had a fun crowd with Jean, Ellie, Mary, Rebekah and myself. The stories were flying with some old favorites (Sarah's Dead) and the tears from laughing were flowing. Lots of work done too. No better way to spend a few hours... with friends and busy hands.

Looking forward to our meeting at NK Gallery tomorrow, April 13, at noon. We have a special event... a live reading from one of our participants to accompany us while we work!

Open to any one interested in participating... please contact me if you'd like to join us... we schedule meetings regularly and I'll add you to the list.

NK Gallery
450 Harrison Ave


  1. Hi, Jodi -
    I'd like to try being a part of the group. Ok if I just show up at NKG tomorrow?
    Barbara lucas

  2. Hi Barbara! Yes, show any and everyone interested is welcome to join us. If you contact me I'll place you on the email list to receive weekly notifications of meetings.