Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm loving the traces of light and shadow created by the HIVE project. It suits what I'm thinking about when working on the pieces. About the impressions we make and what we leave in our wake as we move through our day: the relationships, the actions, the discussions and ultimately the connections. Like with UNDERCURRENT, light is cast on the physical but ends up illuminating the invisible. The dancing shadows just below the surface appear solid but in reality are very difficult to grasp.

This Friday we will be having another of our weekly meetups at NK Gallery. In only a few sessions, relationships have been bonding and we're already becoming a unit. Several have been able to attend, to drop in for a few minutes or stay for a few hours. The discussions have been lively and I'm already seeing the genesis of the dynamic that I experience with traditional handwork circles that I'm involved with.

With HIVE, the unorthodox materials of screen and wire are free of associations to traditional handwork like embroidery, quilting, knitting etc., and the technique is simple and requires no training. The repetitive actions busy the hands and free up the self conscious mind. The aim is to experience the essence of what happens between us when we work together without any historic prejudices that confine it within the 'women's work' view, and to leave a personal mark.

If you're interested in joining any of our meetups, please contact me to be added to the email list.

And if you're around this Friday, we'll be at
NK Gallery
450 Harrison Ave.

Please note this week's time is an hour later than usual...

Looking forward!


  1. Thanks Wen... I'm planning on drawing from these for the installation in June.