Monday, April 30, 2012


The birth of two new orbs Chlorophyll and Lava. Today they're on their way to MICROMORPHIC  at the Byrdcliffe Keinert/James Center for the Arts in Woodstock. They won't be travelling alone... other pieces in the show include ONE DAY, DENDRITE II, COLONY, ANGELO and INSATIABLE.

Creating felt beings is one of the most satisfying of all my art practices. I take great pleasure in the design of the shape in space and the 'painting' of the wool. It is a true collaboration between me and the materials with time spent punching with a needle, exploring the ins and outs of its form and patiently waiting for its expression to reveal itself. An addictive process that's difficult to let go of once you're in the middle of it. It's tough to let these babies go so soon... time to produce some others!

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